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Welcome to the 2022 school year!  It's an exciting time for educators and Atlas is here to help you organize for a strong start with our Back-to-School Resource Kit. The Quick Guide to Onboarding Atlas Users will help align your technical and curriculum writing skill sets for school leaders and teachers and to get the most out of Atlas within your school or district. The 5 Steps to Get Atlas Ready for the New School Year will aid system administrators in prepping Atlas for the upcoming school year. Be sure to visit our informative, live and on-demand webinars to help system administrators, teachers, and curriculum planners.  Need more help?  We offer asynchronous, virtual, or in-person support and professional development for your team's needs.  Let’s schedule a call and talk about what an Atlas partnership looks like at your school.

Onboarding Atlas Users

Atlas Guides Support

Getting Back to School.  Our guides are a great resource to help you and your team quickly learn how to realize the most benefits of Atlas and apply them within your school or district. Click on each title to view the guide.


Five Steps to Get Atlas Ready for the New School Year


Learn more with Live and On-demand Webinars

Constant learning is a click away.  Visit our free Live or On-demand webinars that are sure to inspire and provide the knowledge you seek. 

  • Live Webinars.  Join live, ask questions, and engage with other educators and walk away with a deeper understanding of Atlas.  We're adding new webinars monthly.   See all upcoming live webinars here.

  • On-demand Webinars cover a multitude of topics ranging from System Administration, Basics to Managing Unit & Lesson Plans to How to Take Curriculum Public with Atlas. Learn more at our on-demand webinar page.


Professional Development

Atlas Professional Development

Achieve Your Curriculum Planning Goals

Top Three New Trends in School Professional Development.
  1. Small group consultation to support individual teacher and leader needs from planning to writing to review
  2. Rigorous virtual and onsite Professional Development content aimed to develop and strengthen curriculum writing skills and instructional practices
  3. Building and supporting a culture of continuous improvement: from accreditation, curriculum process, and alignment of curriculum and assessment data
Schedule a time to talk with us to create a plan that meets your unique goals.  Click to View our Offerings or contact us via email at pd@fariaedu.com, or by phone at +1 503 223 7600.

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